Here are just a few videos of Ziko’s music.

Interested in own of my unique hand-made Hart’s Harps?
Then check-out this video where I explain my latest unique innovation - hemp bodied harps.

In this piece I support Sacred Earth at the Padddington Uniting Church in November 2013.
Thanks to my brother Adam for filming & editing this video for us. Check out his
YouTube Channel for more of his video work featuring my music as backing tracks.

This video was shot recently at a small private gig where I performed a duet with my good friend & accomplished harpist Anya. The tune we are playing is ‘Springtime’.

Fancy some reggae vibes? Then you’ll love this recording live at the 2012 Mission Beach Festival.

Here’s one of my crowd favourites ‘Free’ from my album ‘Music is life, live the life’. You’ll love the monochord in this piece.

This is a short version of the video for the tune ‘Blue Zone’ from the album ‘Shava Gaia Spirit Earth’.
Buy the CD and you’ll get a free DVD containing the full version of this beautiful video!

‘The Journey Begins’ is a musical tale with it’s roots in one of my childhood memories - steam trains travelling vast distances across the English countryside.
This live version was recorded at The Tanks Art Centre in Cairns and I’m accompanied by drums and acoustic guitar.

This track ‘Shava Shava Butterfly’ is always a crowd favourite. It allows me to really demonstrate the amazing range of sounds that can be produced with the Swiss Hungs.
This live version was recorded at The Tanks Art Centre in Cairns.

When I play ‘Blue Zone’ live it’s often done as a multi-media performance with ocean video playing behind and around me. This live recording gives you just a taste of that experience.